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Propane Safety Tip

Whenever you change or alter your gas service or appliances, be sure to contact your propane supplier to schedule a safety inspection.


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Are you winter-ready?
Find out now!

Winters can be harsh. What can you do to lower utility bills? Consider a propane zone heating appliance. It provides warmth and comfort when you need it. Propane fireplaces, space heaters and hearth stoves are intended to heat one room or zone at a time. They are earth friendly and energy efficient. Compared to wood stoves the air quality of the room is better, no ashes or soot, no splitting and carrying wood, can be turned off/on, new venting options can eliminate expensive chimney construction and more. All costs considered, including time and effort, propane is an exceptional value.

If you already have a propane home heating system these make a great addition. If you are building a home or considering a new heating system keep in mind propane’s versatility with other appliances such as cooking and hot water. As with any heating appliance whether it’s wood, oil or gas please check with a professional before purchasing and installing. Be safe.



EconoGas Plan

Our lowest priced plan. As an EconoGas customer, you read the percentage on the gauge of your tank and call for a delivery on your regular routed delivery day. For example, if the regular delivery day in your area is on Thursday then you would need to call by Wednesday to ensure you are on the route for Thursday. Normally, we ask that you wait till the gauge is reading about 30%. This is a payment-upon-delivery plan. You may pay with cash, check, credit or debit card. When you call your order in to our office we will let you know the amount needed upon delivery.

Price Assurance Plan

This plan allows you to relax and let Provanta handle everything - from price protection to automatic delivery. Some suppliers charge a premium of several cents per gallon on their fixed price programs. Typically with the Provanta Price Assurance plan there is little or no additional premium cost and no advance purchase is required. Unless otherwise specified your price is locked in for the duration of the heating season. Also with this program is Provanta's 30 Day Payment Option: Payment is due 30 days after your propane delivery.

Budget Payment Plan

The Budget Payment Plan allows customers to make approximate equal monthly payments.   Monthly payments are based on your annual usage and the current price per gallon. Billing runs from June 1 through May 31. Typically, in order to develop a usage performance, a customer has to have completed a heating season in order to work out a fair payment schedule.

For your convenience, we accept credit card payments
in person or by telephone:

Unless noted, pricing is in effect October 1 through March 31. Program year begins October 1 and extends through March 31. All prices, features and terms are subject to change after March 31.

For more information about our pricing plans email: info@provantapropane.com




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