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Propane Fact:

Propane gas is non-toxic and not harmful to soil or water. Because it doesn't endanger the environment, propane tank placement is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.


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FYI: Read the Energy Information Administration pamphlet "Propane Prices: What Consumers Should Know." Access it HERE.

What is propane?
Propane is an odorless (odorant is added for safety) colorless, non-toxic, flammable gas, especially versatile as a fuel because of its portability. Propane is a liquid hydrocarbon that generates its own vapor pressure and is produced at both oil refineries and natural gas plants.

What about companies offering "discount propane?"
Compare Provanta's service to a discount supplier - you can easily see which is the true bargain!

Are there any safety concerns related to using propane?
Propane is flammable and heavier than air, so it can collect in low places. Propane in liquid form can cause freeze burns to exposed skin.

Are there summer uses for propane?
Yes! Outdoor grills, patio heaters, gas lights, mosquito catchers are just a few examples.

Do you offer propane for industrial uses?
Yes - see Goss Gas for industrial applications such as forklift motor fuel, temporary construction heating, flame cutting and heating.



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